Frequently Asked Questions


Can you describe the PRIMA Cinema Player?

The PRIMA Cinema Player is the perfect mix of brain and brawn. The electronics deliver digital video quality that boasts greater picture clarity and deeper colors than the finest Blu-ray could ever produce, with lossless surround sound to match. The mechanical design by BMW DesignWorksUSA provides a classy and unique shell with integrated redundant power and cooling systems.

Where can PRIMA Cinema hardware be installed?

PRIMA Cinema is intended for private residential, non-commercial use only and must be installed by a PRIMA Cinema Authorized Dealer into an authorized professionally-installed home theater.

What is PRIMA Cinema's company history?

PRIMA Cinema is a U.S. corporation with offices in Los Angeles and Carlsbad, California. PRIMA Cinema has financial and strategic backing from Best Buy Capital, Universal Pictures and Syncom Venture Partners.


What films will be available?

PRIMA Cinema focuses on Theatrical release films. PRIMA Cinema films mirror the public Box Office availability window so Members can enjoy films as long as they are available in the public Box Office. Unlike many catalog content services commonly available today, PRIMA Cinema focuses only on new Theatrical releases.

Will 3D films be available?

Yes, PRIMA Cinema hardware adheres to digital 3D industry standards and will support 3D films.


Will PRIMA Cinema work with my existing A/V equipment?

The PRIMA Cinema Player outputs movies over HDMI, and will interface directly with practically all modern video projectors & HDTVs and audio receivers & processors. Integration with your home automation system is through your home’s IP network and plug-ins for the automation system. Authorised PRIMA Cinema Dealers conduct a site survey of your home theater to verify compatibility and determine any upgrades if needed.

Are films automatically delivered?

Yes, films are automatically delivered over high speed broadband Internet connection to the PRIMA Cinema Player.

Will I have to wait for films to stream or buffer?

No, there is no wait time to begin watching a PRIMA Cinema film. PRIMA Cinema allows you to enjoy instant playback.

Do I need a high-speed broadband Internet connection?

Yes, PRIMA recommends at least a 10Mbps connection to the home. Faster is always better and anything over 20Mbps is the best solution.

Will film downloads affect my home's broadband Internet speed?

PRIMA Cinema provides tools to manage bandwidth usage in the home.